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Office: 1-10 Bakhtrioni Str., 0160 Tbilisi

Winery: vil. Kardenakhi, 1509 Gurjaani

Tel: (+995 90) 625325

        (+995 577) 525625

Fax: (+995 32) 2367228



about company

Ltd Shalvino was founded in 2008. The main activity of Ltd Shalvino is the production and realization of alcohol beverages.
Ltd Shalvino possesses the winery and vineyards in the village Kardenakhi, Gurjaani Region, Georgia. The winery is equipped with newest machine-installation of Italian origin. Vineyards are planted in the specific zone - Kardenakhi, on where the “Rkatsiteli” and “Saperavi”, also “Khikhvi”, “Qisi” and “Aladasturi” vineyards belonging to Ltd Shalvino are planted.
Ltd Shalvino produces the following types of wines:
Kakhetian type: “Shalvino” dry, white; “Shalvino” qvevri, dry, white; “Shalvino-Red” dry, red; “Shalvino-Red” from the wood, dry, red.
European type: “Shalvino-White” dry, white; “Shalvino-White” from the wood, dry, white; “Shalvino-Rose-colored” sweet, rose-colored. 

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