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Office: 55, Chavchavadze St., 4800 Kvareli

Tel.: (+995 790) 100061

Fax: (+995 352) 222997



about company

J.S.C. "Corporation Kindzmarauli" is located at the historic Kvareli Castle in town of Kvareli, in the Kindzmarauli micro zone. The enterprise owns approximately 150 hectares of vineyards, of which 100 hectares are in the historic Kindzmarauli micro zone. Every year we produce 25 different varieties of wine and about 10 wine brandies (Koniaks) using grapes harvested from our vineyards, as well as from local farmers.

Our high quality products are renowned locally and internationally, and have been awarded honors at wine competitions and exhibitions. The enterprise exports wine to 13 countries across the world. “Corporation Kindzmarauli” owns a hotel “Chateau Kvareli” and is actively involved in wine-based tourism.


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