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Office: vil. Chikaani, Kvareli

Tel.: (+995 599) 456110, 581412



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Kvareli Cellar Ltd was established in 2001 based on old Brandy, in a controlled area of ​​winemaking micro-KNDZMARAULI, near Mr. Kvareli (Kakheti, Georgia). Starting this year, and the era of complete refurbishment of the plant, at all stages of the cycle: processing of grapes, wine storage material in the cellar, bottling of red and white wine, cognac as well .. and strict quality control at all stages. Used equipment is manufactured by European companies working in this field. It was also carried out a radical change winemaking process, adjusting the temperature of fermentation, adjusting the cycle of distillation wine materials in cognac spirit ... ... harmonizing with the old traditions. Kvareli Cellar Ltd products are exported to USA, Ukraine, Belarus, China, Czech Republic and Azerbaijan. Brandy is distilled alcohol on devices such as Charentes, which causes constant disputes between the founders. In the opinion of the founders --- it's time to move away from low-productive apparatus Charentais type, and switch to a continuous distillation of wine in the columns, which will reduce production costs, and provide an opportunity to sell alcohol in bulk. But the founders of the old generation of adherents of traditional beliefs, and they believe that it is necessary to distil wine only French periodical of the apparatus such as the Charente, where it reaches the highest quality perekurennogo ethyl alcohol, brandy and sell only bottled form. The technology of wine in all of Georgia only to Kvareli Cellar used termovinifikatsiya mash of red grapes to produce ordinary red wine that has the effect of rapid maturation of wine. But in the production of quality wines (wines of controlled areas) such as Kindzmarauli used strictly traditional technologies.


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