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Office: 4 Tsinamdzghvrishvili Str., 0125 Tbilisi

Tel.:(+995 32) 2658756

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Company ''Vazi+'' was founded in 1994. It owns 90 hectares of land located in various parts of Georgia. 35 hectares of this land are cultivated by local unique sorts of grape giving us possibility of carrying out important experiments the final result of which is the creation of brand wines. Therefore, in parallel with manufacturing classic (traditional) wines such as Mukuzani, Saperavi, Tsinandali etc. we also have the possibility of offering original, absolutely exclusive production to all admirers of wine.

Wines bottled in ceramic vessels of various shape occupy a special place in ''Binekhi'' collection. These handmade vessels produced according to a special technology are made in a company workshop.

''Binekhi'' collection is not limited to various sorts of wines only. At Tbilisi Exhibition 2005 grape chacha and cherry liqueur produced by our company were awarded the title of the '' Discovery of Testing Committee''.

Due to its limited capacities the company enjoys the possibility of having direct contacts with its costumers, a relation which frequently leads to new discoveries.

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