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Office: 116, Tsereteli Ave., 0119 Tbilisi

Winery: vil. Mukhrani, 3309 Mtskheta

Tel: (+995 32) 2201878

Fax: (+995 350) 276051



about company

Château Mukhrani was founded 1878 by the Prince of Mukhrani, heir of the royal family of Georgia. Abandoned during the former Soviet Union, the castle and domain was completely renewed in 2003, by Marussia Beverages and Georgian shareholders.
The company produces Georgian wines and spirit (Chacha) which is then distributed through the Marrusia Beverages Group network and other non-group distributors both in Georgia and abroad.
Château Mukhrani has all the reasons (history, image, quality, unique domain and cellars) to impose itself the reference in Georgian wine industry, combined to the motivation of the shareholders to position Château Mukhrani in a long term view.
100% of Château Mukhrani Estate Vineyards. The vines are treated only manually. Crop size is controlled by pruning as well as by “green operations”. Vineyards are just adjacent to the winery. During the harvest, the lead time from grape picking to reception and crushing at the winery lays within 7 to 12 minutes


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