The 1st Saperavi International

“Saperavi International”, a new event on the Georgian wine calendar, has been launched by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, the National Wine Agency and the Georgian Wine Association. Unlike any other celebration of Georgias most famous grape variety, this is a first in that it is open to producers worldwide.

 After many years in the planning, this will become a Georgian flagship event and a vital element in the Georgian Governments support for its wine producers. However, since cultivation of the Saperavi vine is now spreading around the world, all other producers are also being invited to participate.  Georgia welcomes them, in the knowledge that their participation   has been extremely important in widening appreciation of Saperavi wine.

The chair of the international jury for “Saperavi International” will be Andrew Jefford, the award-winning wine writer, columnist and broadcaster.

NoteThe National Wine Agency and the Georgian Wine Association would like to point out that there is no connection between the first “Saperavi International” wine competition and the “Saperavi World Prize” that was held last year. The “Saperavi International” event has unique official backing and is open to all producers of this wine everywhere, unlike the “Saperavi World Prize” from which indigenous Georgian producers were excluded.

The First "Saperavi International" will be held in Georgia, on 15-17 December, 2018, organized by the Georgian Wine Association, with support of National Wine Agency and Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia.